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​Hair loss can be a devastating prospect, whether you’re experiencing it firsthand or thinking about its potential future side effects. For the entirety of human history, men have suffered from hair loss without any real hair loss recovery options. The good news is that you live in a time when technology has nearly made hair loss a thing of the past. While it’s true that many methods for preventing hair loss exist today, one of the most promising is hair follicle banking.

Although hair transplant specialists use a variety of hair loss treatments to restore hair after it has already disappeared, hair follicle banking takes a more preventative approach. Today, hair transplant medical technology has advanced to a point where you can actually store your hair follicles for hair transplants later in life. At the Physicians’ Hair Restoration Center, we can use these new medical advances to ensure a substantial head of hair long into the future.

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What is Hair Follicle Banking?

So how exactly does hair follicle banking work? If you understand the concept behind freezing sperm or egg cells, you already know how this process works. Healthy, active hair follicles are removed in the same way as the first stage of a hair follicle transplant. Next, these hair follicles are stored at extremely low temperatures. Reliable storage methods ensure that hair follicles will be ready for use when you actually need them.

Just like any other cell in your body, our hair-making cells deteriorate as we age. When you bank these hair follicles before they deteriorate, you’re effectively “stopping the clock” and maintaining a fresh, high-quality supply of future cells whenever you need it.

What Are the Implications of Hair Banking?

Hair banking has a number of notable implications. First of all, multiplying hair follicle stem cells has become a reality through tissue culturing. Researchers have discovered that tissue culturing younger hair follicle stem cells is more successful than culturing older hair follicle stem cells. When you bank your hair follicles early in life, you have a much better chance that your stem cells will produce hundreds or even thousands of healthy follicles to draw upon.

Hair banking may be a particularly smart option for those with a family history of hair loss. If you know there’s a chance of baldness because of your genetics, you can be prepared for the inevitable and take proper action as soon as the issue presents itself.

Hair follicle banking becomes an even more promising concept when you consider the advances made in follicle cloning. As part of a process called follicle neogenesis, frozen follicles can be cultured or “cloned” (multiplied). Medical professionals currently lack the ability to return these stem cells to the patient and entice them to consistently grow natural looking hair. We are still working on the reimplantation process, and you can anticipate it to be 5 to 10 years away.

Researchers who have been studying follicle neogenesis have also discovered that it is possible that stem cells from banked follicles may be destined to last a lifetime. These follicles may be enticed to migrate into follicles that are destined to be lost, thereby shifting the hair cycling to hair retention rather than hair loss.

The overall implications of these new advances are tremendous. In the future, hair loss could be a thing of the past thanks to the combination of both hair follicle banking and hair follicle cloning. Dr. Puig is one of the leading innovators in this field, and he has years of experience in these matters.

When this treatment becomes available to the public, you’ll have access to your bank of hair follicles at any point. The process is simple: some of your banked hairs are thawed, then cloned into multiple follicle stem cells, and finally transported to a clinician for injection.

Is Hair Follicle Banking Right for Me?

Hair follicle banking involves an extraction process identical similar to that of a normal hair follicle transplant. When carried out by qualified and experienced medical professionals, this process is completely safe. The Physicians’ Hair Restoration Center in Houston is an approved hair follicle tissue banking collection center, and the removal of hair follicles is a straightforward medical procedure that anyone can undergo.

Hair follicle banking is right for you if you’re currently experiencing thinning hair. With this treatment, you can rebuild and rejuvenate your head of hair before it’s too late. This type of rejuvenation treatment is much more viable compared to completely regenerating hair, as the technology for the latter is still a long way off.

Your Next Steps

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