Restore your full head of hair at an affordable price with an award-winning hair transplant specialist, Dr. Carlos Puig. Dr. Puig has conducted various hair transplant procedures and hair restoration treatment options for thousands of patients over his 25 years of experience. His skill and expertise in the field of hair transplant surgery speak for themselves through the reviews of our satisfied hair loss clients. When you visit PHRC Houston for your hair transplant procedure, you are guaranteed results that can only come from the hands of a hair transplant doctor with a reputation for delivering 100% customer satisfaction in all hair restoration procedures. Are you ready to transform your look by the appearance of hair regrowth? Have none other than the best board-certified hair transplant doctor bring your hair back to life.

Hair Loss Treatment 

There are plenty of products that claim to offer the most effective hair loss treatment money can buy, but every single one falls short of providing a hair restoration solution that appears natural. Effective change requires more individualized care than a simple one-size-fits-all solution can offer. When you choose Dr. Puig as your dedicated hair transplant surgeon, you ensure improved confidence and a natural-looking hair appearance tailored to you specifically.

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The Best Hair Transplant Procedure In Cypress, TX

When it comes to hair transplant procedures, no one wants a mediocre medical professional. Someone with awarded experience and expertise will have way more to offer than just any self-proclaimed “good” doctor. PHRC customers continue to prove that Dr. Puig’s hair restoration surgery is worth the commute. PHRC is proud to have serviced those from Cypress and surrounding communities such as:

  • Hockley
  • Rose Hill
  • Kohrville
  • Jersey Villiage
  • Louetta
  • Waller

Cypress Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) Treatment

FUE treatment is a great approach to natural-looking hair transplantation. Because each follicle is individually treated and replaced with an identical hair particle, FUE treatment is perfect for those with even the most advanced hair loss. Once the procedure is complete, you are left with less noticeable scars and the ability to return to work the next day like normal. The procedure is great for those who would like to avoid a lengthy downtime and thanks to Dr. Puig, it is made available as a hair restoration option.

Hair Transplantation & Other Techniques in Cypress, TX

The FUE treatment is one of the various hair restoration treatments offered by Dr. Puig and his skilled staff. PHRC also offers single hair graft transplantation, scalp reduction, and follicular unit transplantation for both men and women. Dr. Puig delivers exceptional, natural-looking results through every hair transplant procedure and guarantees 100% patient satisfaction upon completion. After Dr. Puig’s transformative hair transplantation, you are guaranteed to fall in love with your appearance all over again.

Thinning Hair No More!

Say goodbye to hair thinning, seemingly increasing hair loss and baldness. The natural-looking hair restoration option you’ve been searching for is available and it is only a phone call away. Contact Physician’s Hair Restoration Center in Houston to schedule a FREE consultation with Dr. Puig and his expert staff. Take back your hair today.