Hair Transplant Surgery In Galveston, TX

A hair transplant through the Physicians’ Hair Restoration Center is a minimally invasive procedure which borrows hair follicles from the back of the head, moving them to the area affected by baldness—normally the top of the head. Your new head of hair will distinctly be your biological hair. Select doctors have devoted their lives to studying the science behind this groundbreaking hair replacement surgery. Your search for Galveston hair transplant procedures has taken you right here to Dr. Puig, a surgeon prominently treating hair loss.

Defeat Hair Loss with 100% Natural Hair Growth

The onset of hair loss often strikes both men and women at varying stages of life, anywhere from a cruelly young age to later on. A Galveston native who hits Porretto Beach frequently shouldn’t have anything standing in the way of his/her ideal appearance. Luckily, we are living in the most biologically advanced time period imaginable for hair transplants. Dr. Puig’s procedures result in 100% natural hair growth. It’s time you defeat hair loss for good!

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Yes, hair restoration is real and Dr. Puig will prove it to YOU!

Is hair restoration real? The PHRC office hears this question all the time. Skeptics unfamiliar with hair restoration are justifiable in being a little bit suspicious. Annually, hundreds of men and women in the Greater Houston metropolitan area decide to explore their curiosity. This is why at Physicians’ Hair Restoration Center, Dr. Carlos Puig provides free consultations, which are always kept confidential.

Reality is that this is now the 21st century where hair restoration IS 100% real. For Houston residents extending to Baytown and League City, even in Seabrook and Kemah, the Physicians’ Hair Restoration Center makes consultations free to anyone interested in the procedure.

Techniques used in the hair restoration process include:

  • Follicular Unit Transplantation
  • Single Hair Graft Transplantation
  • Follicular Unit Extraction
  • Scalp Reduction

Pricing for 100% Natural Hair Growth

The cost of getting a hair transplant is much more affordable than one might originally assume. In order to make the hair restoration procedure affordable to as many people in Galveston Texas as possible, PHRC offers financing for patients with hair loss. Every head of hair is entirely unique, requiring an in-person estimate to accurately assess your situation and how your specific head of hair will be restored. During your FREE consultation, Dr. Puig and his staff will explain the exact cost. The only result you will be thinking about is your revitalized sense of self-confidence.


Initial consultations at the Physicians’ Hair Restoration Center are 100% free. Schedule yours today!