Hair Transplant Surgery In San Antonio

You already know hair transplant surgery isn’t just about your hair. The boost of confidence felt inside will be exuding from every fiber of your being. Imagine taking a stroll down the River Walk again with a full head of hair to show off. By rocketing your self-esteem onto the same level where it used to be, hair transplant surgery for San Antonio men and women will definitely change your life.

Hair Loss Symptoms Occur in Men and Women throughout Texas

The truth is that hair loss symptoms are present in a staggering number of adults in Texas and beyond, with these hair loss symptoms taking effect at almost any adult age, from people’s mid-twenties to their fifties and higher. Some men and women in Texas suffering from hair loss are interested in the procedure, yet wrongfully assume the new hair is either fake or will be coming from a random donor. In reality, you are the only donor providing the 100% all natural hair follicles.

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Dr. Puig has perfected the art of borrowing hair follicles from a donor area, often your rear scalp. The hair from this section is then transplanted to the area where you wish to have your hair restored, sometimes on specific problems spots—or perhaps nearly everywhere on the top of your head. Remember what it feels like to have your hair blow in the wind? You will remember again soon after undergoing a hair transplant with the Physicians’ Hair Restoration Center!

Affordable Hair Transplant Financing for Hair Restoration in San Antonio

Hair loss financing is not only available but widely used by patients of Dr. Puig. Several clients have traveled to our Houston hair loss treatment clinic from locations farther than the San Antonio–New Braunfels metropolitan area. This makes sense. You are likely searching for the best hair transplant doctor in Texas. If you’re going to undergo this process to bring back your sense of outward self-worth, go with a proven Golden Follicle Award Winner like Dr. Puig who offers affordable financing.

Physicians’ Hair Restoration Center offers FREE consultations for both men and women in San Antonio and its surrounding communities, including:

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  • San Marcos

At this point, you’ve probably made every excuse in the book as you continue to cope with hair loss. Remember this is your one life to live. If the time has come to schedule a no-obligation visit at PHRC’s office to know exactly what it will take, then seize the opportunity available.

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