Hair Transplant Surgery In Austin, TX

Before a man turns twenty years of age, there is a 20% chance of experiencing noticeable hair loss. As the hair loss symptoms continue, by the age of 50 the odds have increased to 50%. Yes, as many as 50% of adults age 50 or older have gone (or are going) bald before the time they reach this landmark age. Residents of Austin, TX can now finally trust in an alternative solution to male and female baldness. Hair loss treatment from the Physicians’ Hair Restoration Center equates to permanent hair and permanent confidence!

PHRC’s Hair Transplant Specialist Services Hair Loss Patients In Austin, Tx

As a fellow of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery, Dr. Puig has been performing a groundbreaking, minimally invasive hair transplant procedure for patients all over Texas, including Austin and its neighboring communities:

  • Round Rock
  • San Marcos
  • Cedar Park
  • Georgetown

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The advancement of modern science has made it official—no male OR female must be forced to endure day-to-day life with anything less than a full head of hair. In addition to treating the complete and dreaded onset of male pattern baldness, women’s hair loss treatment plans are readily available from Dr. Puig and his staff’s cutting edge practices. With affordable hair transplant financing, excuses can once and for all be put to rest. Make the short trip to our Houston hair loss clinic for your FREE consultation.

Fixing Alopecia Areata, more commonly referred to as Spot Baldness

Sadly, alopecia areata—which is more frequently known as spot baldness and involves circular, often overlapping bald patches—is certainly not the only culprit of hair loss. Stress-induced hair loss (telogen effluvium) and abnormal hair loss (anagen effluvium) are also major causes of male and female baldness. When looking to effectively combat sudden hair loss, you deserve to visit the hair transplant surgeon you believe to be the best in all of Texas.

Hair Transplants Near Austin, TX

Become one of the ten thousand other Texans who restored their hair and confidence with help from the Physicians’ Hair Restoration Center. It’s more than understandable you’re on the lookout for hair transplants near Austin, TX. Let Dr. Puig and his hair treatment medical staff at PHRC be the first and final place to make your head of hair whole again. Our unique diagnosis and hair surgery will last for the remainder of your lifetime.


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