Hair Transplant Surgery In Beaumont, TX

At Physicians’ Hair Restoration Center, we understand hair loss is a sensitive subject matter for most men and women interested in the hair transplant procedure. We also understand you might be a little bit embarrassed about how curious you are to learn more about hair transplant services in general. Remember: you are not alone in your search for a hair transplant surgical solution.

Reality is that a whopping 50% of males face hair loss symptoms, along with 40% of women. To make matters worse, both sexes experience this setback before the age of 40—and the root cause isn’t always genetic. The right hair loss surgeon will be able to accurately diagnose the root cause of your male or female hair loss and effectively make hair regrowth possible.

PHRC has been in business for 25 years for a reason. As of late, our cosmetic office gets more and more inquiries from clients like you Googling “Hair Transplant Surgery Beaumont, TX” (it’s OK, we know that’s how you found us).

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Hair Restoration Houston WILL Restore Your Hair Loss

Dr. Puig has performed successful hair transplants for thousands of patients all over Texas, including Jefferson County. In fact, our goal is every bit as much to restore your lost self-esteem as it is to give you back your full head of hair. Clients in the Greater Beaumont area are on the lookout for the best hair restoration doctor available, normally willing to make the short trip to our Houston office for a FREE consultation on a hair transplant.


Neighboring communities in the Beaumont-Port Arthur Metro Area with hair transplant patients include:

  • Rose City, TX
  • Sour Lake, TX
  • Taylor Landing, TX
  • Vidor, TX
  • Lumberton, TX
  • Nederland, TX
  • Nome, TX
  • Pine Forest, TX

How much do Beaumont Hair Transplant Surgery procedures cost?

Remember, there’s how much a hair transplant costs to be performed in Texas, and then there’s how much you think hair restoration services probably cost. Whether you’re located in Beaumont, Port Arthur, or even Rose City, in order to give you an accurate quote that represents your unique situation and solution, we offer free initial consultations, as well as lending options to successful manage the financing.

Your quickest path to the most effective hair loss treatment

Don’t let your financial fear dissuade you from the self-esteem boost every male and female is wired to want. We are all blessed enough to reside in an age where a procedure this biologically complex is more than possible, so why not finally make it happen?

This is your one and only life, where affordable payment structures make a full head of hair attainable at nearly any age. Your quickest path to the most effective hair loss treatment in Beaumont, TX is to fill out our quick form or call us at 713-974-1808 to get started right away.

Ready to find out more about restoring your full head of hair and confidence? Contact Beaumont’s hair transplant doctor today for a FREE, 100% confidential appointment.