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You want the BEST hair transplant treatment for a 100% natural head of hair

The fact you’re on the hunt for Katy’s leading hair restoration and hair transplant doctor is a surefire sign you won’t settle for anything less than the best hair transplant surgery located in the Greater Houston area. Over the course of more than 25 years, Dr. Carlos J. Puig has successfully performed minimally invasive hair restoration surgery on thousands of satisfied patients. These men and women are now enjoying life with a momentous renewal of self-confidence, free to show off a 100% natural head of hair.

Androgenetic hair loss is present in 99% of bald men, with highly noticeable symptoms usually setting in before their mid-twenties. Fortunately, the practice of modern plastic surgery has made it possible to overcome this biological defect, so every person suffering from hair loss has the opportunity to once again let his/her hair blow in the wind.

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Additional Procedures Include Eyebrow Transplants, Skin Care, and Laser Hair Removal

At the Physicians’ Hair Restoration Center, Dr. Puig and his medical staff also perform several cosmetic surgeries besides hair loss treatment. Specifically designed to boost your self-esteem, plastic surgery we specialize in includes, skin care, and laser hair removal, as well as spa services. Additionally, PHRC is skilled at carrying out life-changing eyebrow transplants for both men and women. Until the hair on one’s eyebrows begins to wither, people don’t always notice what a powerful impact eyebrows have on overall facial expressions. Dr. Puig will borrow hair from a donor area elsewhere on your body and restore your eyebrows to their full potential.

Trust the #1 Hair Transplant Clinic in Houston, TX

Thanks to so many willing Texans’ trust in the #1 hair transplant clinic in Houston, our hair replacement techniques have been doing what past generations could only dream about. Located well within the Katy-Houston–The Woodlands–Sugar Land metropolitan area right in Harris County, our hair transplant clinic is just a short drive away from Katy. Pull onto I-10 and make the easy trip into the city of Houston for your FREE hair loss appointment.

Every individual procedure is unique in that it is customized to your specific problem. Following your free, confidential hair loss consultation, the trusting, caring medical staff at the Physicians’ Hair Restoration Center will clearly outline the exact process for restoring your head of hair. Once your personal diagnosis is complete, you will know the exact price and time frame of your restored head of hair.


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