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Dec 13, 2011 | Blog, Follicular Unit Extraction, Hair Transplant Studies

After some basic research, if you’re looking for a facility that performs medical hair restoration, you’ll discover many options that are available. That being said, there’s a reason so many people travel to Houston to visit the Physician’s Hair Restoration Center. The PHRC has earned the attention of patients as well as experts from across the world.

Led by Dr. Carlos Puig, a renowned surgeon that has helped tens of thousands of patients over a four decade career, the PHRC provides cutting edge hair implants for both men and women. Certainly most people think of hair loss as a problem for males but a significant amount of women benefit from hair implants as well. At the Physician’s Hair Restoration Center, a doctor takes hair follicles from a part of your head where they’re still growing thickly and implants them to the areas that are thinning. Moving forward, the transplanted hair will grow naturally, just like the rest of your hair. This means you’ll be able to style and treat your hair implants the way you did before the thinning started.

Additionally, you won’t have to worry about what activities you can enjoy with your hair implants as there will be no restrictions. More importantly, you can be confident that if someone gets up close, they won’t be able to tell you’ve had hair restoration. This is what you expect with hair implants otherwise there’s no sense in having them. After visiting the PHRC for your free consultation, you’ll understand what makes us the very best.


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