4 Reasons People Need an Eyebrow Transplant

Nov 16, 2014 | Blog, Eyebrow Transplant

Posted on November 16th, 2014 by Dr. Carlos Puig

We restore confidence and beauty through eyebrow transplant procedures each day. The reasons patients come to us may be not be expected. Whatever the reasons for eyebrow hair loss, permanent and natural appearing facial hair is possible. We are experienced in specialty hair replacement in Houston.  Eyebrows are not just attractive, they are used in humans to express emotion, and we can restore eyebrow hair perfectly so there is no longer a loss of confidence or social status.

4 Reasons People Need Eyebrow Transplants:

  1. Over-plucking – It is common for women to over-pluck their eyebrows for shape and clean lines. The problem is that hair only has so many growth and re-growth cycles. Eventually the hair will stop growing back.  Thin hair and drawn on eyebrows are not natural appearing in the least. We specialize in male and female hair replacement and will make sure that each patient walks out of our office with natural and beautiful eyebrows.
  2. Alopecia Areata – AA is the lost of hair in a certain spot. Often it occurs in a patch on the scalp, beard, and occasionally eyebrows. We can replace the missing hair in a way that no one will be able to tell no matter where the bald spot occurs. Loss of hair in an obvious location is associated with low self-esteem and depression. We do more than just restore beauty, we restore vitality as well.
  3. Leprosy – Leprosy is rare in the U.S., but there are occasional cases where people caught it while traveling, or by armadillos. This is a surprising cause of hair loss, however it does occasionally cause permanent eyebrow removal.
  4. Age – It is natural to have a thinning of hair as people age, however loosing eye brows completely is not a natural course of aging. When it occurs we can restore youthful appearances with an eyebrow transplant that looks natural.

Eyebrow Hair Loss Causes That are not Permanent:

  • Chemotherapy – Hair loss and chemo sadly go hand in hand, the good news is that the hair will return.
  • Medications – High doses of Aspirin, birth control pills, seizure medication, and arthritis medications have all been associated in hair loss in some people.
  • Lupus – Hair loss is a symptom if this auto-immune disease.

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