5 Interesting Facts About Women’s Hair Loss

Jan 13, 2015 | Blog, Women's Hair Loss

[Posted on January 13th, 2015 by Dr. Carlos Puig]

More women are undergoing hair loss and seeking medical hair restoration. Here at Puig Hair Restoration Center, we have gathered together 5 interesting facts about women’s hair loss that you may not even be aware about. Find out where the most common areas women start to lose their hair, what some of the causes are, and how sometimes hereditary conditions play a part on which women will experience this condition.

1: Pregnancy can cause hair loss

If you suddenly find yourself losing your hair, it isn’t that you are pulling out your own hair trying to keep up with the overactive child. Pregnancy and other medical conditions can cause thinning hair. Medications that you have been taking can also cause the problem.

2: Menopause may not cause hair loss

There is no direct connection that menopause causes hair loss. Women around the age of 50 can start to see more thinning hair. So if you are around 50-years-old and you see that are losing your hair, don’t automatically blame the problem on menopause as you can ask our specialist here at Puig Hair Restoration Center about medical hair restoration.

3: Often we cause our own hair loss problems

You can pluck your eyebrows too much and damage your hair to the point where you will experience hair loss. Hair dryers, dyes, hot irons and other hair treatments simply damage the hair strands where it cannot repair itself. So you may have to get hair replacement services or an eyebrow transplant to restore the fullness of hair on your scalp or facial region.

4: Genes still play an important part in hair loss

Over 30 million women will have a hereditary condition that can cause hair loss. Androgenetic alopecia, or female pattern baldness, can be inherited by either of your parents. Often, our hair replacement specialists will ask if the women in your family have had a history of thinning or balding hair as this sign could be an indication of this condition.

5: Hair loss doesn’t always happen in the front

Sometimes you will experience thinning hair along the top and back of your scalp. You will see the volume of your hair diminish as it grows thinner. Since every woman is different, you may experience the loss in different places. Our medical hair restoration specialists can talk to you more about the problem and ways that will help restore the volume of your hair.


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