PHRC Is Gaining National Attention

Jul 13, 2011 | Blog, Follicular Unit Extraction, Hair Transplant Studies, PHRC News

The Physician’s Hair Restoration Center, led by Dr. Carlos Puig, has developed an effective solution to hair loss that is providing people with an opportunity to put their days of balding behind them. Dr. Puig has worked in the field for several years and his background has been instrumental in the success of the PHRC and the medical hair restoration that’s being performed. This isn’t simply a way to downplay the appearance of thinning hair, it’s a legitimate long term solution.

The PHRC first starts off by providing potential patients with a free and confidential consultation. This gives these patients an opportunity to learn what the PHRC is able to do for them and to see just how effective the procedure can be. People often come in understandably skeptical but once they see for themselves just how effective the medical hair restoration can be, they quickly grow interested.

It’s during this initial consultation that any issues regarding the hair transplant cost be discussed and laid to rest. That’s because we offer financing at the PHRC with no credit check so that anyone that wants to have this procedure done is able to do so. Hair loss is something that can be embarrassing and restricting. With the help of the PHRC, those issues can be laid to rest.


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