A Very Hairy Holiday to All…

Nov 28, 2016 | Blog, Men's Hair Loss

It’s that time again, one of our favorite times of the year, and today the holidays should be called the Red Carpet Season, because it’s party time! This is no longer your father’s holiday season, no, no, it’s now a paparazzi paradise.  The holiday season now includes a vast array of events where you are on display everywhere. When I say Holidays today I mean Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukah, New Year’s Eve, Cuanza, Work Holiday parties, Family get togethers, Super Bowl Parties, and more. And the difference between the good old days and today is you are going to be seen by thousands of your friends, family, acquaintances and many of their friends through Facebook, Instagram, Snap Chat, Websites and more.

And everyone has a camera as far away as their pocket or purse!

It’s amazing, the Red Carpet used to be reserved for Hollywood Celebrities, but today we are all Celebrities way outside our inner circle.  Everyone is always on someone’s camera or phone or I pad. So if you used to be worried about opening gifts with your loved ones and that would be the only time you would see how much hair you had lost and how old you were starting to look, Forget It.  Today with social media we all are being exposed to hundreds if not thousands of people we probably don’t even know. I heard a lady the other day start to get fixed up for a date with a fellow and she said, “Let me look him up on Facebook and see if I would want to meet him”.  Imagine people are judging you on a photo that you may not have even posed for.  What you do, how you think, your sensitivity, what you are all about, it is all meaningless, it’s all about that random photo is where you are tried and sentenced by some unknown person judging you.

How you look is where it all begins and sometimes ends.

And when it comes to your looks, your hair is the picture frame for your face.  Baldness or thinning hair can make you look ten years older or maybe even more. It is always amazing to me how many men and even women will come to my practice looking for answers and direction as to what can be done to give them back the hair and looks that they once felt confident with, or at least comfortable.  One never really never appreciates what they have until they lose it.  When I give them the answers they were wanting and the price it would take to give them back their hair, they are finally on the road to recovery.  Or in some cases they are on the road to never return because the answer they got was not what they wanted to hear…but that’s another story.  

The holidays can be merry and bright

So this is the time for all the pictures and parties, but this can also be the time where you give yourself the gift of a lifetime and make your mirror your friend again. If baldness or thinning hair is bothering you, you don’t have to live with it, because you can make this the last year that that bald guy is in all your pictures.  By next year you can have your own hair growing and flowing again.  Next year you can see that young guy partying out front, looking great and having a fabulous holiday time again. As we become more and more exposed to the world it’s time to put your best foot forward and it all starts at the top of your head, so have a wonderful holiday and let’s make plans to make next year the best holiday ever thanks to PHRC!  From all of us at Physicians Hair Replacement Center, this is Dr. Carlos J. Puig wishing you and all who you hold dear a happy healthy holiday season no matter what you celebrate.  And we look forward to helping you make next year’s Red Carpet season the best ever.


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