Advances With Hair Loss Treatment For Men

Aug 21, 2013 | Blog, Men's Hair Loss

[Posted on August 21st, 2013 by Dr. Carlos Puig]

Given the growing number of Baby Boomers that’s currently trending at 78 million, it’s no wonder there’s more editorials covering the technological and medical advances in Hair Loss Treatment For Men.

According to research, experts are predicting that Baby Boomers will easily live between 10 to 25 years longer than their folks. Those who’ve reached retirement are usually more health conscious and show more interest in the image they project.

Many Boomers have transitioned from Weekend Warriors to Marathon Runners. There’s also an uptick in Boomers launching new business ventures. As a result, there’s increased interest in maintaining a youthful appearance.

Energized Boomers are blazing new lifestyle trails and exploring changes that include Hair Loss Treatment For Men. They embrace medical advances, exercise, healthy organic diets and vitamin supplements to increase energy, and help them look and feel better. Hair loss, or even thinning hair, is not something they plan to live with so they’re proactive in seeking professional help with Hair Loss Treatment For Men.

Female Hair Loss

Many Baby Boomer women, and those considerably younger, face the challenges for Female Hair Replacement. Although not openly discussed, this devastating hair loss problem is very real. It’s linked to many causes including major stress, harsh chemical hair products, over processing, hair styling damage, health conditions, genetics, and age, among others.

We see female hormonal changes tied to discontinuing the birth control pill. These changes can cause tremendous hair loss that’s confusing for women. Then, there’s the distress that Postpartum hair loss causes with women who have given birth. This hormonal hair shedding is frequently unexpected, and difficult for women to cope with emotionally. A healthline article about hair loss and female pattern baldness is an excellent and very detailed overview.

Hair Loss Treatment For Men That Delivers

There are many causes for hair loss in men. The Hair Loss Culprits covers a wide array of issues and health conditions that are detailed in an interesting New York Times editorial.

Treatments include:

Single Hair Grafts are essential for the creation of a soft and natural frontal hairline.

Follicular Unit Hair Grafts are transplanted grafts of small groups of three or four hairs that occur naturally. This creates additional density and a more natural appearance when placed behind Single Hair Grafts. We’ve successfully performed over 10,000 procedures. Over 4,800 of these grafts were performed utilizing the latest modern techniques.

Scalp Reduction Currently, the removal of crown balding is only used as an adjunct when dealing with injury reconstruction and the updating of old hair transplant technology. In some cases, it’s also used on patients who are donor challenged.

Laser Photo-Therapy

Medical studies show that the revolutionary FDA approved LaserComb®, with its sleek design, provides a very effective for Hair Loss Treatment For Men. This amazing treatment also helps nourish the living cells that create the hair shaft because it increases nutrient rich blood flow to the cells.

The extraordinary technological and technique advancements that have taken place within the hair transplant industry combined with the dedication of highly skilled surgeons has made it possible for both men and women to realize their dreams of hair restoration.


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