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May 3, 2016 | Blog, Men's Hair Loss

Two years ago I went to Physicians Hair Restoration Center and decided to have a hair restoration procedure, better known to me as a hair transplant.  Although my hair loss had been bothering me for quite a while, I just couldn’t get the nerve to find out about this procedure.  After all it wasn’t a potion pill or lotion it was surgery, and surgery is a very scary word.  In addition I would go out for dinner and you see these guys with half bald heads and hairs in clumps, or very unnatural looking hairlines that I could see right through.  These guys looked like they stuck their finger in a socket and their hair went wild.  If that was the result people were receiving and accepting, then this procedure was not for me.

A free consultation couldn’t hurt my looks

I went into the consultation and immediately asked, “Why do I keep seeing men with bad hair transplants, and where are the good ones?”  Dr. Puig, the specialist I was seeing, laughed and said that those gentlemen are his worst advertising. “Hair Restoration is the most popular procedure for men in the world”, he proceeded, “but the men who have good ones or great ones never get noticed because they look so natural. You see them every day, but only the bad ones stand out.” I continued to learn that many men are told from the start, in their treatment plan, that they may need a second or even a third procedure. Many of these men, for whatever reason, never continue, so they and their incomplete results look somewhat goofy.  Other men have had the procedure so long ago and then have lost more hair since it was done, and again they now are walking around looking like they are incomplete.

One out of four patients is an update

“We continue to see many of our old patients for updates or we see other patients from other doctors because not all doctors have the artistic flair to give their patients that natural undetectable look, or many doctors don’t keep up to date with current technology”, Dr. Puig explained to me.  Well between the doctor’s explanation and the knowledge I received I moved forward and had a wonderful experience and a phenomenal result. Ironically when I went in after a year Dr. Puig and I went over my before and after photos, and took new ones.  We saw that although I looked great with my new beautiful hair I noticed a few areas that I wanted to densify and improve.  When we reviewed the photos closely Dr. Puig and I agreed.  So since the first procedure was so easy and painless compared to what I expected, I scheduled the second one because I did not want to be one of those guys that looked good from far, but was far from good, let alone great. And great was the way I wanted to be and be seen.

Today my only regret is that I did not do it sooner

Now it is two years later and I believe I look at least fifteen years younger. I feel so good about my looks and my Doc, Carlos Puig and his staff gave me such a natural undetectable result that I adore and appreciate every day I when I wake up and look in the mirror. The new found confidence and pride that I feel about myself and my looks is the reason I have taken the time to share my experience with other guys who have the fears and anger I was living with. So, I have written this blog. In addition, I walk up to people occasionally in restaurants and ask them why they don’t go in and see my Doc because he can help them look so much better.  A few men get angry, a few share their bad experience and a few thank me graciously and tell me they will go, because they believe they finally have found a solution and the right doctor to trust.  I have read a lot of things on the web about some sob stories with hair transplants, but what I’ve learned  is, it isn’t always the doctors who are bad or did a bad job, but many times it’s the patients who just never finished what they started.

Always finish what you start

Take it from me my second procedure put the frosting on the cake and the cherry on the top. If you’ve had a transplant and are not happy see my doctor, Dr. Carlos Puig, and finish the job.  If you are thinking of a hair transplant and only want the best, see the folks at Physicians Hair Replacement Center and…

…Plan A-Head!


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