Baldness is more than on your head…

Jun 28, 2016 | Blog, Men's Hair Loss

If baldness is more than on your head, it’s on your mind then you need to find out more about hair restoration.  If your rear view mirror or the windows of buildings are a constant sneak peek to see if those few strands of hair you have plastered down are still in the right place, than you are suffering from more than hair loss.  Actually you have become obsessed with your hair loss, but what are you doing about it? There are many options available to you today, all you have to do is “Google” hair loss or baldness and you will see fixes that add up to thousands of products and billions of dollars.  So what should you do?

There is only one sure thing that works!

Ask yourself if you want to try spending lots of money on potions and lotions that claim to work or do you want to invest in a procedure that is certain to regrow your hair and will last for the rest of your life? Ask yourself, what is holding you back from this life-changing event?  Hair restoration could be one of the best things that you ever do for yourself, but so many men and women know this, but just won’t do it because they keep trying to find that magic bullet that will just work. Well it isn’t magic, but once you make the commitment to do it, in a few months when your hair is growing and flowing you will feel like it was.  So the BIG question is…

What’s stopping you?

Is it the fear of surgery? Do you think that it may be painful?  Or…are you concerned about how it will ultimately look? I can tell you from firsthand experience that if you’re baldness bothers you, hair restoration surgery will be one of the greatest things that you ever do for yourself.  I had it done and have performed it on thousands of patients throughout my career and I can humbly state that nearly every patient has told me and thanked me for changing their life. My patients feel like they joined a secret fraternity of guys who not only have their hair back, but also have the self-esteem back that they didn’t even know they were missing.

Let’s address each issue You may have…

The surgery is virtually painless. You are awake and comfortable throughout the entire process. Whether it is FUE or FUT your head is numb, so you are spending the majority of the time watching movies and sharing stories with the medical team. Once it is over you may feel a little discomfort the first night but notice I did not say pain.  Years ago this situation was extremely painful and you were laid up and swollen for days, but that was in the 80’s and 90’s.  Today our biggest problem is convincing folks how painless today’s techniques and medication are during and after it is over. Guys are shocked about how easy it is and how fast they are out and about, in many instances the night of the procedure.

Now let’s talk about results!

I’ll bet you didn’t know that the most popular cosmetic surgery procedure in the world for men is Hair Restoration.  You pass men who have had it done every day and don’t realize it because it looks so good and is so natural.  Yes, you see bad results from the 80’s and 90’s because that was how the treatments were done, but not anymore.  As far as results… when you have it done with a great doctor and a great team of highly trained technicians… you get great, natural looking results. At Physicians Hair Restoration Center we have it all, and the empathy and knowledge to deal with all your physical and emotional issues.  So if baldness or thinning hair is bothering you put a stop to it immediately.  Once you pick up your phone and schedule a free consultation that is the moment you are no longer bald. So just do it!

Change Your Hair Loss Situation and Change Your Life!


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