The Dangers of Unlicensed Hair Transplant Surgery

Feb 4, 2019 | Blog, PHRC News

Unlawful practice of hair restoration has been going on for decades. While you may hear of severe cases of the surgery-gone-wrong stemming from different countries around the globe, there are plenty of stories to be told right here in the USA. The Black Market of Hair Transplant surgery relays a convincing hook to gain the trust of willing patients, but, the dangers of participating in such a procedure carry consequences that far outweigh the magnetizing nature of its sales pitch. Recently, the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery released a warning about the growing number of fake hair restoration clinics and doctors. These warnings are certainly not to be taken lightly and to enhance your safety when seeking affordable hair transplant surgeon in Texas, we’ve determined to give you all the warning signs that a hair restoration surgeon and/or clinic is a black market attempt at taking your money and giving you anything but favorable results. 

Black Market Hair Transplant Signs

When you think of “Black Market Hair Transplant Surgery by Unlicensed provider”, it’s easy to envision that this kind of surgery takes place in a shady part of town. Probably in someone’s home and with a fairly skeptical set of tools. The realism of the situation is that the black market of hair restoration appears to be just like any other respectable medical facility. A few signs to look out for in regards to determining if a hair restoration/transplant facility is indeed experienced and licensed to practice FUE and FUT hair transplant surgeries are as follows:

Sketchy Before and After Pictures of Clients (If Any at All):

Not all black market hair transplant clinics or doctors will allow you to preview their past clients via social media or a website. You might have to request before and after pictures of former patients. The proper results of a hair transplant procedure look appear as if it is the natural hair. If you observe the pictures and see that the hair appears to appear synthetic-looking or just not very well blended into the scalp, you are likely in the office place of an unauthorized hair transplant physician.

Huge Internet Marketing Presence with Misleading Claims:

There is nothing that can cement the validity of business more falsely than with seemingly successful internet marketing platforms. Nowadays, there are countless ways to make a business appear as if it has more supporters or fans than it actually does. You can detect the falsehood behind such a large internet presence for a clinic or physician if you see them using misleading claims such as guaranteeing “no pain” or “no scars” and stating that they are “leading world experts”. Legitimate hair restoration doctors and facilities know not to use such terms in such a careless fashion.

Cheaper Prices Than Usual or Qualified

One of the biggest magnetizing factors for the hair transplant patient when it comes to black market procedures is the overall cost. These unlicensed physicians claim to offer the FUE or FUT hair transplant procedures for incredibly low pricing with the same optimal quality (if not more) as the average industry price. The average cost for the hair transplant procedure is anywhere from $4,000 to $15,000 dollars.

Attract Patients By Offering a Large Number of Grafts

How can you tell if the graft extractions are over exaggerated? If the range of graft extractions ensured fall between 2.000 and 4.000 per session no matter the degree of baldness. The thing about hair transplant surgery clinics on the black market is that there is an undeniable focus on the quantity rather than the quality.
Hair restoration clinics or physicians that make these claims are often boasting unrealistic benefits that, once carried out, often result in major, sometimes irreversible consequences. Patients are subject to misdiagnosis, unnecessary surgery, and even often performed by unlicensed technicians
that may not be covered by malpractice insurance. These side effects can include intense bleeding after the surgery, rashes, intense scarring, and appears as if there has either been an infection or just overall poor growth; not solving the issue at all.

Research Your Houston Hair Restoration Physician

While the unlicensed practice of hair transplant surgeries at black market clinics are more prevalent in countries like Pakistan, India, and Iran (the most being in Turkey), there are a number of them within Houston TX and scattered about Texas as well. Because of this, it is highly recommended that the patient take responsibility to thoroughly research their chosen hair restoration physician and clinic. Ensure that the physician has legitimate credentials and is performing the hair transplant surgery themselves, rather than having a technician perform the surgery on their behalf.
Hair transplant surgery of any kind is not an easy one to perform. This is why it is important to ensure that your physician is not only authentic but well-versed in the surgery. Dr.Carlos Puig of PHRC is a founding member of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery and has been awarded the Golden Follicle Award of 2012 among several other honors since then. When you need a hair restoration doctor in Houston you can trust to provide you with the best natural results, you can see Dr. Puig right here at PHRC in Houston. Our team understands the importance of the latest and most up to date treatments, and always takes care of patients before profits. Contact us to schedule a free consultation today!


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