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Sep 8, 2011 | Blog, Follicular Unit Extraction, Hair Transplant Studies

Although the Physician’s Hair Restoration Center is located in Houston, TX, it’s become the hair transplant Austin locals prefer over options within their own city. It takes only a few hours to drive from Austin to Houston so once someone sits down with the PHRC’s head surgeon, Dr. Carlos Puig, and receives a confidential consultation session, they understand the hair transplant procedure and why it’s so effective when performed at the PHRC. Dr. Puig believes that anyone suffering from hair loss should have the opportunity to permanently fix that problem, which is why he makes these consultations free.

And even when there’s still some concern about the hair restoration cost, the PHRC offers financing for patients so they don’t feel as if a full head of hair is unrealistic goal. The hair restoration surgery is just one aspect of the approach that Dr. Puig has utilized with his over 20,000 patients. In addition to the procedure itself, patients will be recommended other FDA-approved techniques, including medication and specialty tools like a lasercomb.

Dr. Puig’s strategy has proven to be effective, resulting in much quicker growth from the transplanted follicles. Residents in Austin, as well as other cities across the state such as Dallas and San Antonio, understand that a short trip is worth it if it means putting their thinning hair behind them for good. While there are other facilities that can perform a hair transplant Austin locals could visit, none have received the kind of international acclaim as the Physician’s Hair Restoration Center.


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