The Effects Of A Hair Transplant In Houston

Oct 26, 2014 | Blog, Hair Transplant Studies, Men's Hair Loss, Women's Hair Loss

[Posted on October 26th, 2014 by Dr. Carlos Puig]

When you have lost hair as a result of being ill, being stressed, or simply being who you are thanks to genetics, there are some ways to improve natural hair growth. A hair transplant in Houston can have a lot of positive effects and understanding these can make it easier to take action.

You have to look at your reflection to determine what you want. Fullness, more hair growth, and other things can be considered. It’s possible to get hair replacement in Houston through surgery known as transplantation. This is where grafts are taken of hair from another location or a donor. The size of the grafts can range from 5 or 10 hairs to 50 or more.

There will be a small scar involved though depending upon the amount of skin on your scalp, the current hairline, and other details, it may not be visible several weeks following the surgery.

The positive effects of the hair transplant in Houston involve natural hair growth. You can wash it, cut it, and style it like you used to with hair. It is yours and it will continue to grow.

There are various medications that doctors can prescribe to help promote hair growth. The primary issue with these is that they are known to have a number of negative side effects. This can include allergic reactions, rashes, and dizziness. The medications don’t always work as they say they will, either.

Puig Hair Restoration Center is run by Dr. Puig. He has been in the hair restoration industry for more than 45 years. There is a guarantee in place that if a graft does not grow, it will be replaced. This can help you to be confident that the effects will be desirable following the surgery.

The doctors at the center can provide an in-depth look to the effects that will be experienced, good and bad. Both will be based upon the grafting that is done in order to deal with the hair loss.

In the end, the hair transplant in Houston is going to yield positive effects that you won’t be able to find with laser therapy, medications, or over-the-counter products. You can get natural hair once again to feel more confident and get your looks back.


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