Stress Related Hair Loss

Feb 12, 2014 | Blog, Women's Hair Loss

The idea that hair loss is only a problem that men must deal with is a huge misconception. Hair loss can affect any one of any gender or race. However, it is slightly less common in women than it is in men. When women do experience hair loss is can be somewhat more troubling to them than it is to a man. There is a great deal of focus in our society put on a woman’s appearance, especially her hair. When a woman begins to experience hair loss she may feel deep feelings of embarrassment. These feelings may stop her at first from seeking treatment with a female hair replacement center.

One common cause of hair loss in women in stress. Stress related hair loss or Tellagen Effluvium can be brought on by childbirth, surgery, serious illness, or extended periods of extreme stress. The shift in hormones that is brought on by the stress trigger can cause the entire scalp to shift into a shedding mode. Many women who experience this will lose handfuls of hair on almost a daily basis.

It is possible for this condition, also known as TE, to go into remission without medical hair restoration. However, there are some individuals in whom this condition remains chronic. If you notice that the condition does not improve several months after the stressful events of your life have subsided, you may want to consider female hair replacement.

Although hair restoration has traditionally been thought of as a treatment for a male problem, more and more women who deal with chronic hair loss are thinking of female hair replacement really as a type of plastic surgery. Women often undergo medical procedures to improve their appearance. Hair restoration is just another tool that is at a woman’s disposal to improve her appearance and increase her confidence. When considered in this light, female hair restoration does not sound like such a scary or foreign idea, but rather an exciting solution to a troubling problem.

Dr. Carlos Puig and his team of highly trained professionals at the Physician’s Hair Restoration Center are committed to helping their female patients evaluate their female hair replacement options and assist them with making the best choice for their particular situation. They understand the sensitivity and emotions that accompany female hair loss and their goal is to make you look and feel better. When you schedule an evaluation we can ease your mind and offer you hope for your hair loss problem. Your hair loss does not have to be permanent.


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