Female Hair Replacement is Common

Aug 14, 2013 | Blog, Women's Hair Loss

[Posted on August 14th, 2013 by Dr. Carlos Puig]

For years, female hair replacement was something that few ever heard of. While women were dealing with hair loss and thinning, it wasn’t something that was being addressed. Instead, the products were typically aimed at men. Any doctor will tell you that it’s important to deal with female hair loss in a way that is very different from dealing with male hair loss.

It is not the same kind of hair loss for women as it is for men. Most men are dealing with male pattern baldness and this is not the case for women. As a result, women need medical hair restoration that is designed for them.

Female hair replacement is possible with laser treatments. The machine itself can vary but typically is on a system with a head that is specifically designed to trigger hair growth. Through heat applied at the follicle, it can help to rejuvenate growth.

The medical restoration of hair roots is popular for women who have experienced thinning as well as for those who already have bald patches.

Hair loss is caused by a number of different things. This includes dermatologic conditions, scarring, and even stress and emotional reasons. The average woman does not typically experience full hair loss in an area. Instead, it will be a decline of about 60 to 70% of the hair in that area – and that alone is enough to leave any woman to lack self-confidence about her image.

The current trend in dealing with female hair replacement is laser therapy because it has had a number of positive results. According to the American Hair Loss Association, low level lasers have been able to work in order to provide the desired hair growth once again.

Lasers are being used throughout the cosmetic industry. Some lasers will help to remove unwanted hair, such as on arms and legs, and other lasers are helping to stimulate the hair growth. It is all dependent upon the actual laser that is being used.

If you are experiencing a significant amount of hair loss, you want to do something about it sooner than later. The products that work for men aren’t going to work for you because you have different things going on. Their hair loss is typically because of hormones – and different types of hormones. No matter how much Rogaine you use, it might not do you any bit of good.

The newest trend is laser technology because it is popular. You are seeing more and more advertisements about female hair replacement because there is finally a solution on the market that is providing results. It’s a problem that has been going on for years and years. Now, you can take advantage of the solution by visiting a doctor that offers laser therapy for hair loss – and specifically, female hair loss. Within a few treatments, you can begin seeing results to get a full head of hair once again.


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