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Aug 7, 2014 | Blog, Women's Hair Loss

[Posted on August 6th, 2014 by Dr. Carlos Puig]

Female hair replacement is something many women hope they never have to deal with. In a society where seductive shampoo commercials and Rapunzel fairy tales abound, women with hair loss issues face a harsh reality. Understanding how to address some of these issues can make female hair loss and female hair replacement and easier topic to tackle.

Why Women Lose Hair

There can be many contributing factors toward female hair loss. Some of these reasons can be physical. There are many illnesses such as Alopecia which causes significant hair loss. This condition crosses all gender and cultural lines and can affect any man or woman at any age. Alopecia can cause complete hair loss on the scalp and in severe cases can even because individual’s to lose their eyebrows and eyelashes. There are also certain medical treatments such as chemo therapy that can cause significant hair loss for patients undergoing treatment.

Just as physical issues can cause hair loss, emotional issues can in like manner cause hair loss as well. Times of extreme stress can also result in hair loss. Hair loss caused by emotional stress can be temporary or permanent, mild or severe. Women can also experience hair loss after a period of extreme weight loss.

Emotional Reactions to Hair Loss

Losing hair tends to be a far more emotional change for women than for men. The reason for this is because women are often judged for their beauty based on their hair. Just as society judges women based on their weight and figure, hair can also be a marker used to indicate beautiful or ugly. For this reason, when a woman experiences hair loss she is also experiencing a loss of her self-confidence. Hair loss in women is also somewhat less common than in men and therefore also carries that stigma. Emotions concerning female hair loss can be very strong and may at times need to be addressed through professional counseling.

Help Available

Hair restoration in Houston provides many wonderful treatment plans to help women improve their appearance, reclaim their confidence and restore hair that has been lost due to physical or emotional factors. The technology behind many hair restoration treatments has soared in the last several decades. Hair restoration specialists can help clients to pinpoint the best treatment options for their specific hair loss issues. Well trained hair restoration specialists understand that there is not always one treatment to fit every client. That is why a patient’s specific issues will be addressed and evaluated before a treatment option is decided upon.

For severe hair loss issues hair grafts has proven to be a great treatment option for many clients whether they are men or women. There are also prescription treatments which can address less severe hair loss with something as simple as a daily medication.


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