Everyone Has a Hair Loss Story, I Hear Them All the Time!

Sep 8, 2017 | Blog, Men's Hair Loss, Women's Hair Loss

When I would consult with young men in their 20s I would usually hear about how thick their hair used to be and then one day they looked in the mirror and realized that they could not deny hair loss was becoming a larger and larger part of their head and their life. That was the similar story I would get from men in their 30s, and 40s and so it goes.

The numbers keep growing, not hair

It’s amazing but only 20% of the men in their 20s have hair loss, and 30% of men in their 30s, 40% in their 40s and it just keeps growing. 70% of the men in their 70s, and believe it or not, we see plenty of men in their 60s and 70s.  Everyone thinks they all have a unique story, but the truth is that most of the stories are very similar. There is an old saying in show business, “All the side men want to be front men and all the front men want to go home.”  Everyone thinks there story is unique but the universal truth is no one wants to lose their hair no matter what age they are.

What changes are the reasons you stay bald?

I have heard all the reasons or should I say excuses why men stay bald (we will address women in a separate blog, since they are a completely different species), and once again I will try to share many of the excuses, but there is really only one reason…do you know what the real reason is?

I have heard that they can’t afford the procedure that it is too expensive. It is for this reason that we offer financing plans for the few who really are having financial issues. I have heard that they are going to wait till more hair falls out so they can do it all at once, when realistically have you ever seen a man who has hair so thin that you think he is handsome. Most of these people grow a beard, shave their head, or put on a cowboy hat from the moment they awaken till they go to bed.

I have heard that they don’t believe they are losing their hair because their Dad has a great head of hair—really, then why are you in my office?

And the excuses continue…

Then there is the one where the prospect has seen someone who has had a bad hair transplant and he would never want to look like that. I explain that what he saw was an old transplant which was done with the best technology we had in the old days, but either he saw a patient who was done then, or  a patient who never finished or who was done by a Dr. who was not experienced with all the newest technologies. This is not the work of a contemporary experienced surgeon. And, finally there is the “I don’t have time now, but when I can fit it into my schedule I’ll do it because I really want hair.”  If you really want hair you will find the time to get it done, because today, you usually don’t even have to take time off with how advanced today’s technology has become.

The universal truth is–

Fear is the universal truth that is the hidden factor behind all of the excuses. Whether you are 25 or 75, fear of the unknown may keep you away from doing, looking and feeling the way you want to be the rest of your life. Fear of the word surgery, fear of pain, fear of the people you have chosen to do the procedure with, fear of the final result and how you will look. Fear has made failures out of many situations and many, many people. Overcoming your fears is a common denominator that has made people very successful, and allowed people to live and fulfill their dreams.

Hair restoration surgery will change your life?

I have seen thousands of patients overcome their fear and take the leap of faith to become my patient. Today they look and feel better about who they are and what they have accomplished with their life. They know that their hair had a very influential effect on their overall attitude and how they approached every day. From their overall self-esteem and confidence to being a better man, father, husband and business professional their decision to go forward with hair was a fork in the road and every one of them will tell you they chose the right way to go. The road to having hair may be the road less traveled, but it is definitely the right way to go, I know because my patients tell me everyday.


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