Hair Replacement Can Be Achieved By Visiting The PHRC

Aug 3, 2011 | Blog, Follicular Unit Extraction, Hair Transplant Studies

Researching hair loss treatments can provide some misleading answers to questions you have about your hair replacement options. Advertisements are common for the various medications that can be taken but many are skeptical of this approach. Some worry that taking Rogaine or Minoxidil has the potential for unwanted side effects. While there can sometimes be a risk of that, these are approved medications and have proven to work in regards to slowing down the rate of hair loss in individuals.

However, it’s that second caveat that has others wondering if taking medications is worth it. People who are dealing with hair loss aren’t looking for something that is only going delay the inevitable, they’d like a hair replacement procedure that will serve as a permanent solution. This is where the Physician’s Hair Restoration Center in Houston comes in. Led by Dr. Carlos Puig, the PHRC performs a medical hair restoration that doesn’t just slow down your hair loss, it leads to actual regrowth of hair. The team at the PHRC may also recommend medication or specialized equipment, such as a laser comb, to increase the long term effectiveness of the hair restoration procedure.

The PHRC philosophy is one that focuses on using state of the art surgical techniques that are supplemented by other FDA-cleared treatments. The result is hair that begins to grow naturally in as little as 45 days. Having treated over 20,000 patients over the years, Dr. Carlos Puig knows that there are bogus treatments being marketed to those losing their hair but he also knows that hair replacement can be a reality for those who visit the PHRC.


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