Receding Hairline Surgery: One Of The Most Effective Treatments

Sep 21, 2011 | Blog, Follicular Unit Extraction, Hair Transplant Studies

When a person has a receding hairline, it’s not something that they or others necessarily recognize right away. Often times, it’ll become noticeable when looking at older pictures and noticing the differences in more recent photos, even if the older ones aren’t from very long ago. Hair loss takes many different forms and while it’s most commonly associated with men, it’s happens to women as well. The differences in the types of hair loss require that there are different approaches to treatment specific to each individual patient.

Unfortunately, not every doctor or facility that offers hair loss treatment adheres to this philosophy, which leads to less effective results. The Physician’s Hair Restoration Center in Houston has developed a number of techniques that offer permanent solutions to those with thinning hair. An individual that has a receding hairline will find that the hairline surgery performed at the PHRC can stop and reverse the trend, restoring the look they had in those older pictures.

The head surgeon at the PHRC, Dr. Carlos Puig, has a worldwide reputation within the field of medical hair restoration, having helped over 20,000 patients in his 40 years of experience. You’re able to speak with Dr. Puig directly when you visit the PHRC for a confidential and free consultation session. Anyone with questions about hairline surgery or the other procedures offered at the PHRC is able to get the answers during this consultation. This allows future PHRC patients to put any concerns to rest and gives them the confidence they need to move forward with hairline surgery.


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