The PHRC Performs Non-Scalp Hair Restoration

Feb 15, 2012 | Blog, Eyebrow Transplant

Medical hair restoration is a treatment that continues to grow in popularity as people are discovering just how effective it can be. Even with this increased awareness, there remain a lot of misconceptions about the procedure. This makes people mistakenly skeptical or even doubtful about how well hairline surgery can work and means they’re preventing themselves from getting a permanent solution to hair loss.

Over the years there have been numerous “miracle cures” or treatments that were advertised to be effective which ultimately were not. That explains this skepticism and also why the Physician’s Hair Restoration Center in Houston offers a free consultation to individuals interested in hairline surgery. These consultations are conducted by head surgeon Dr. Carlos Puig and he’ll outline how your hair follicles from areas where the hair continues to grow thickly are grafted into areas where the thinning is occurring. He’ll explain how in a short amount of time, you’ll have hair that begins to regrow and will eventually be as if you never lost it in the first place.

Dr. Puig and the PHRC believe anyone that’s interested in hairline surgery should be able to get this kind of treatment, which is why there are different financing options regarding the hair restoration cost. If your hair loss is happening in areas that aren’t on the top of your head, you can also learn about the non-scalp hair restoration that is available from the PHRC. An eyebrow transplant and other facial hair transplantations now represent a significant number of total hair restoration surgeries.


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