The Man who is Walking on Hair, I mean Air!

Oct 11, 2016 | Blog, Men's Hair Loss

So the other day I’m sitting in my office and my nurse comes in and tells me we have a patient on the phone that needs to talk with me. For privacy purposes, let’s call him John. I immediately grabbed the phone because with over 4 decades in medicine I’ve learned that when a patient calls it isn’t usually to check how my golf game is going.  The conversation basically went this way, “John how are you doing, and how is everything going?”  I opened enthusiastically, and much to my surprise the response I received on the other end was overwhelming.

“Doctor you won’t believe how different my hair is,”

That was John’s response to me, and although it sounded very positive I didn’t want to presume anything, so I asked a more probing question, “So it’s been 7 months and your hair should be growing in nicely?” “Nicely,” he screamed, “It’s amazing!” Whew, that’s what I was hoping to hear, but you never know whether you have met the patient’s expectations.  I have seen hair restoration results that I think are absolutely spectacular, but the patient is looking for “Bullet Proof Hair”, which in many cases that kind of density can only be accomplished with multiple procedures.  Plus the patient needs an extremely strong donor area, which our patient John really had.  John finally scheduled an appointment to come in and shoot photos, and wanted to know if we could discuss scheduling a 2nd procedure which is what we had talked about in our long term plan.

Wow, the meeting was worth the wait!

John came in and my nurses and I were stunned at how spectacular his result was. After we shot current photographs, he sat down and said, “I can’t believe what a difference between my before pictures and now. My eyes were lying to me and telling me I had more hair than I really did.” He was on a major ramble, but the sparkle in his eyes was worth just letting him talk. He kept going, “My wife says it really didn’t matter to her and I looked fine before, but all of a sudden she’s buying me different clothes a little bit younger looking and a lot less conservative…This really says a lot, without saying a word. And like you told me Doc, it’s more than just my wife, it’s all about the compliments that I seem to be getting more and more from total strangers as well as friends. And most of all it’s about the confidence I feel every day when I look in the mirror, and that’s why I’m here today.”

I’m not waiting to lose more, when today I can get more

“Doc, not only do I want to thank you, but I am here today to say let’s schedule the next one before I follow my family pattern and start to lose more.  Now that I see how good this works and how great you are, I know I never want to deal with hair loss again.” And to prove how happy he was and is, John not only booked his next procedure, but he wants to be a before and after model on my website when his second procedure grows in. I guess you could say here’s…  

A Gentleman who’s really walking on air, because of his hair.


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