My Hair and Hawaii…

Oct 27, 2016 | Blog, Men's Hair Loss

Four months ago I finally had my hair transplant procedure.  I have a very High profile position at a famous hotel in Houston, and I did not want anyone to know I was doing it before, during and certainly after.  The staff at Physicians Hair Replacement Center assured me that if I gave them a few days, with the coverage I had of existing my hair, and the proper styling, no one would ever know.  

A Matter of Patience

I did the procedure on a Friday with the owner and founder Dr. Carlos Puig, and it was easier than I ever believed.  I came in nervous but within the first hour I knew everything they told me was real and this procedure is really just a matter of patience. To me this procedure, compared to having a cavity filled at the dentist, makes the cavity seem really radical—it just takes a lot longer. That being said it also lasts a lot longer.  The following day after the procedure I left for a 10 day vacation in Hawaii, I was supposed to go Sunday, but I felt so go that I decided to leave a day earlier.

Swimming with Dolphins?

By Tuesday, although they told me to take it easy, I went swimming with the dolphins. This was an amazing experience and something I always wanted to do.  After I finished although everything was fine, I started thinking and figured I might want to check with the Doctor in case I should do something special to the area to make sure I didn’t hurt or infect anything. I did call Dr Puig, and after I was reprimanded quite nicely and very firmly about germs, infection and relaxation, I was told how to clean the area and not to do anything out of the ordinary again…just enjoy the vacation.  After that, the trip and my healing were wonderful.

Bedside Manner Extraordinaire

I flew back Sunday and the following morning Dr Puig  met me in his  office early  to remove my sutures so that they were gone before I went back to work.  That was my plan, although I have to admit no one was going to see my sutures or the minuscule scar that was left, which no one ever saw or will ever see.  That was the ultimate in Patient Care and customer service….Dr. Puig coming in early to adjust for my schedule and to make me more comfortable. Now that’s patient care.

Planning Ahead!

Now it is 4 months later and the new hair is starting to really grow.  I could not be more excited because I now know I will never be bald, and even if I lose the hair I started with, I can always have more transplanted…quickly, easily and affordably. Plus the way Dr. Puig planned the procedure, even if I lose more of my existing hair I will still have a natural look and will have plenty of hair to style. I am crazy about this procedure, and adore this company and can’t say enough about Dr. Carlos Puig and his entire organization. That’s the whole reason for sharing my crazy story, as Dr. Puig said , “Why do men always act like boys?”, but when the procedure is so easy, and you start so nervous, it is such a huge relief that you just want to party.  So enjoy the entire experience,  because you are going to love your hair!


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