No Cowboy Hat Can Cover Your Hair Loss Forever

Jul 29, 2016 | Blog, Men's Hair Loss

It’s amazing to me how many people I see out on the streets, in restaurants, at sporting events and especially at my office who will not take off their Cowboy hat or baseball cap.  Patients come into my office to do a consultation and half way through I have to ask them to please remove their hat so I can really see what his issues are, and more importantly what it is going to take to fix them. Talk about people who are hiding, not only do they not want people to see their hair loss, but I believe they are really not wanting to see it themselves.

You can look, but do you see?

It’s amazing how many men will lie to themselves and not allow their eyes to see the hair loss that is right in front of them, in the mirror every day.  I remember one patient in advertising I met who was talking with me about how I needed a spokesman for TV spots and print materials.  He explained that the before and after shots are crucial to doctors in the hair restoration profession. Everything he was saying made perfect sense, but the problem is once a person has their hair back they don’t want anyone to know that they went through a procedure to accomplish their spectacular look. The other issue I have to deal with is making them look through realistic eyes.

Now you see it, sometimes you don’t.

I told him that I agreed with him, but he could be that person for me since he was about 80% bald and the rest was leaving quickly.  He looked at me like I was crazy and said, “Are you kidding, I have plenty of hair!” My response was showing him other before pictures of many guys and having him decide if he had more or less hair than they did.  Finally my biggest weapon of all I brought in the mirror and we went through his hair, or lack thereof, so he could see the real truth.  This fellow had eyes that were only fooling him because it was obvious that he was between really thinning and really bald.

Your eyes may not let you see the truth

As the Eagles song says, “You can’t hide those lying eyes”.  You can cover your hair loss with hats, but sooner or later the hat’s always come off.  You can look in the mirror and believe one thing but the truth is staring you and everyone you meet right in the face.  And the funny part is that once you face the reality and realize you want your own hair growing for the rest of your life again, that is the day you will no longer be bald.

“The Start of a beautiful relationship” Casablanca (the movie)

That is what the marketing gentleman told me, after he decided to do the procedure and he and I have been working together for nearly two decades, I am the doctor and he is the spokesman my company needed and finally found.  A happy patient, a great business associate and a dear friend.  It’s amazing once you face your demons, or accept reality, as opposed to covering it up, what you can accomplish.  This is just another of the many patient hair restoration stories that I try to share with you regularly.

I look forward to doing your story


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