Out of Control

Sep 30, 2015 | Blog, Men's Hair Loss

It’s so sad that as men start to lose their hair they also feel like they are losing control of their youth and their good looks.  The more hair they lose the more frustrated and angry they become.  As a physician who has worked with men and women for nearly 4 decades, I have been involved in almost every type of cosmetic procedure imaginable, but having dealt with men facing hair loss, I’ve learned they are a completely different breed.

Being overweight presents many options that a patient can choose from to try to lose weight if they want to change their appearance.  Having a nose or chin that you don’t care for can be adjusted easily. Everything from breast size, wrinkles, and the entire shape of your body all have options to be enhanced cosmetically or surgically. But losing your hair and wanting it back only leaves a man one real option for results, and because most men don’t want to admit it or talk about it, it just leads to frustration and anger. This really is one case where…

Ignorance creates Anger

It is amazing the response we get from men who take the time to find out about all the real options available for hair loss, or to put it in reverse, the real option is hair restoration.  Men need to learn how easy it is to restore their hair and have their own natural hair growing and thriving for the rest of their life.  In a free consultation, I see the air come out of the balloon and the patient in front of me starts to relax. The more he learns and understands, the more I can see his depression turn to confidence.

Pain? Not really.

How does the end result look? Undetectable? Check, actually it’s amazing.

Plus, it grows for the rest of your life – for sure. And the big question is: Why did I wait so long? Didn’t Know it was so effective, so quick, so easy. So then, what’s stopping you now?  Money?  We offer multiple financing options for patients who need it, and when you amortize the cost over a lifetime it is pennies a day.

Amazing Maintenance

We are a trusted name throughout Houston in hair restoration, and we want men facing the stress and uncertainty of hair loss to visit us for a free and private consultation to really learn about why you have lost your hair, what goes on during the procedure, the quick and easy healing process, and the minimal maintenance – which is shampooing your hair and getting haircuts. That’s all there is to it. So if your Hair Loss has you feeling depressed, out of control, angry, or just negative about how you look – don’t live with it. Learn about it, and take back control of your looks and your life.


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