Natural Eyebrow Transplant

Feb 5, 2014 | Blog, Follicular Unit Extraction, Hair Transplant Studies

An eyebrow transplant, or eyebrow restoration, is a surgery to replace hair that is missing in the eyebrow area of the face. Most of these procedures are performed on patients that lose hair due to illness or burns. If you need hair replacement in Houston for your brows, you can get an eyebrow transplant if your eyebrows are missing, barely there or growing in a pattern that you do not like. Once the hair is transplanted, it will continue to grow as if it was originally there.

Approximately 50 to several hundred hairs are transplanted from other areas of the body to the eyebrow, dependent on the look desired by the patient. Patients are sedated mildly to make the procedure run more smoothly.

Recovery is quick, and mostly pain-free. After a few days, tiny scabs form in the eyebrow which later fall out as they heal. After one week, the healing is complete barring any complications. After two weeks, the transplanted hairs fall out, and new hair will grow on a three month cycle.

Whether your hair loss is due to trauma or nature, an eyebrow loss can be repaired through a natural eyebrow transplant. Eyebrows are used in many facial expressions, and the loss of them can completely change the way that you look. Since they are just above the eyes, eyebrows command the attention of anyone that is looking at you. When one or both eyebrows are lost through trauma, the loss is disfiguring and very noticeable. Luckily, there are ways to replace the eyebrow such as having an eyebrow restoration.

Using state-of-the-art equipment and the most modern techniques, Dr. Carlos Puig of the Physician’s Hair Restoration Center in Houston can skillfully give you new eyebrows. With years of experience as a surgeon in the field of hair restoration for men and women, Dr. Puig knows how to replace hair loss using your own natural hair. With his vast experience, your eyebrow transplant will be accomplished efficiently and professionally, leaving you with two eyebrows that grow naturally.

Donor hairs are taken from the patient’s scalp in order for them to continue growing throughout their lifetime. This type of hair transplant is called a single hair graft. They are transplanted one or two hairs at a time, then replaced in the natural pattern of hair growth in the eyebrow. As an experienced surgeon, Dr. Puig can place the hairs precisely where they need to go, resulting in eyebrows that look like they were never missing in the first place.

The procedure takes a few hours to complete, and is usually done in one session. Patients can go back to work the same or the next day, due to a painless surgery. Each surgery is personalized for that particular patient, using Dr. Puig’s expertise and consultation.


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