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Apr 7, 2016 | Blog, Men's Hair Loss

For years, men and women have been looking for the cure to find a way to stop losing hair or more importantly how to regrow the hair they have lost. If you think your hair is going down the drain, think of all the dollars you are throwing down that same drain on products that have great advertising but at the end of the day you spent the money on nothing. There are chemicals, shampoos, pills, sprays, and all sorts of other things that are advertised as helping with hair loss. I’m sure you have tried your fair share on promises and products that just didn’t deliver. After being in and around the hair loss and hair gain business for over four decades I have seen it all and the only thing that truly works, if you are a prospect, is Medical Hair Restoration, or what is commonly called a Hair Transplant.

Some of the products that are on the market for hair loss do work to a degree for some people based on age, expectations and what is making you lose your hair in the first place. The truth is that none of these products work on the majority of people who are simply suffering from male pattern baldness or female pattern hair loss. In other words, if you are incapable of growing hair this usually has to do with genetics, which means there is no shampoo or cream in the world that is going to provide you with the miracle results you and everyone losing their hair are really looking for.

The products that you buy over the counter are expensive. If one doesn’t work, you may buy another one and then another one. Over time, you may be spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars to try and find a solution. At some point, you should stop and consider seeing a doctor who will be able to figure out what you are experiencing is hair loss and hopefully that Doctor can tell you what can be done about it, and either help you with a solution or send you to a specialist who can and will help you solve and resolve, and even reverse the issue.

Once you sit down with the right doctor, you can learn about all of the options that exist for you. Whether you experienced the hair loss as a result of stress, genes, chemotherapy or something else, this needs to be identified. From there, it will be easier to determine what can be done so you don’t have to keep wasting your money on all of the miracle products that just don’t work.

The doctor is likely going to talk to you about medical hair restoration and what it can do for you. You can finally get the appearance of a full head of natural growing hair that you have been trying to get. When you measure the lasting results you get for the rest of your life, and then factor the cost based on a lifetime it is really just pennies a day to have your hair on your head and in your mirror looking at you every day.  Once you meet with the doctor, you can then go home and throw out all of the products that are under your sink – and you will never have to buy another one again. Usually the maintenance for a hair transplant is haircuts and shampooing—Period.

Too much money is wasted on products that attempt to resolve hair loss issues every year. Hair restoration with a medical facility like ours is the only way to go and truly know. Once you come in for a free consultation at our state of the art facility, you can find out what procedure is right for you and get started, once you do you will be watching your hair and your self-esteem start growing again in no time at all. Most importantly you will stop seeing your hair and your money going down that proverbial drain.


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