The Most Advanced Hairline Surgery Performed At The PHRC

Mar 1, 2012 | Blog, Hair Transplant Studies, Men's Hair Loss, Women's Hair Loss

The Physician’s Hair Restoration Center in Houston is considered one of the world’s leading facilities for hairline surgery. They’ve developed a procedure that has changed the way both men and women have been able to approach their hair loss. For years, these individuals that have noticed their hair thinning were frustrated by the lack of legitimate options that were available. Certainly there has been a long line of treatments released that have promised results but few have actually had any real effectiveness. This is what has made people so excited when they see the transformation undergone by patients at the PHRC.

Dr. Carlos Puig, the head of the PHRC, has been working in this field for nearly 40 years and has seen the various fad treatments come and go. He’s worked tirelessly to improve the options available for people with thinning hair and now performs a hairline surgery that finally serves as the permanent solution everyone has been waiting for.

If you’re interested in learning more about the medical hair restoration being done at the PHRC, contact them today to schedule your free confidential consultation. You’ll be under no obligation and you’ll be able to see for yourself why thousands of patients have visited the facility to put an end to their hair loss. You’ll speak with Dr. Puig and have the opportunity to ask him any questions you have about hairline surgery. This is also a chance for you to address any concerns you have about the hair restoration cost and how that shouldn’t be an obstacle to you receiving treatment.


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