Austin Residents Know It’s Worth The Drive To Houston

Aug 10, 2011 | Blog, Hair Transplant Studies

There are different options for a hair transplant Austin residents have available but because of the reputation of the Physician’s Hair Restoration Center in Houston, many are choosing to make the short drive rather than choose a lesser facility that may be closer. It’s been an exciting time over the last several years for the hair replacement industry, as things have progressed rapidly. It wasn’t that long ago that a man or woman suffering from thinning hair had limited options on how to go about treating the problem and many of those options weren’t effective.

Either these treatments only slowed down the progression of the hair loss or they were designed to just hide the problem. But the work being done at the PHRC has changed all of that. Patients are able to have their very own hair transplanted to the thinning areas which will result in hair that grows naturally. The team of surgeons at the PHRC, led by head surgeon Dr. Carlos Puig, is very skilled at this procedure and that’s why they are so sought after.

While there are other facilities performing medical hair restoration, many of them don’t have the experience or skill level to do so with the same precision as Dr. Puig and the PHRC. Beware of other hair restoration doctors who are seem to be leaning on some of the new technology and equipment that is meant to make the procedure more efficient and effective. While some of this equipment can improve the process, it still requires that a surgeon who knows how to perform a successful hair restoration surgery, like those at the PHRC.


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