The PHRC Performs The Most Effective Houston Hair Transplant Procedure

Oct 12, 2011 | Blog, Hair Transplant Studies

Men and women across the state of Texas are traveling to the Houston hair transplant facility that has garnered international recognition, the Physician’s Hair Restoration Center. For years the PHRC has been at the forefront of the medical hair restoration field, offering an incredibly effective yet affordable option for those who are losing their hair. Led by Dr. Carlos Puig, a surgeon with over 40 years of experience, the staff at the PHRC utilizes a multi-faceted approach that has proven to be the very best in the country. Interested patients are encouraged to contact the PHRC and schedule a free consultation session with Dr. Puig himself.

During your consultation, Dr. Puig will outline the differences between the PHRC and other Houston hair transplant facilities as well as those across the country, including Bosley hair restoration centers. Most importantly, all of the surgeons at the PHRC are highly skilled and experienced. This means you can be confident in the work being done, even the most delicate procedures, such as an eyebrow transplant.

In addition to the hair transplantation, patients may also be prescribed medications to help accelerate the growth of new hair. And in some cases, the use of special equipment, like a lasercomb, will be recommended to further supplement the surgery. By attacking your hair loss in multiple ways, the Physician’s Hair Restoration Center has a higher success rate and more natural looking results. This is your opportunity to permanently put an end to this embarrassing problem.



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