Thinning Hair Solutions [Updated 2022]

Apr 19, 2022 | Blog, Follicular Unit Extraction, Men's Hair Loss

Do you find your confidence threatened by hair that’s becoming scarce? Our hair is one of the most important pieces of our image and appearance, and the onset of hair loss can have a real and severe impact on how a person sees themselves.

Thankfully there are a number of solutions to thinning hair that have been developed by hair restoration professionals over decades. These methods have been successful in restoring fuller, thicker hair to both men and women around the world.

Solutions can include the following hair restoration techniques:

One of the leading techniques is known as follicular unit extraction. A form of hair transplant, this method uses hair from elsewhere to restore areas that have become thin or balding. Each individual follicle is placed, resulting in a very natural and appealing result.

In addition, some thinning hair may be the result of a medical concern. Women especially can suffer hair loss as a side effect of a range of illnesses or medications.

At PHRC, we have successfully provided thinning hair solutions for Houston patients and beyond. Our success stories even range into San Antonio, Austin, and other areas. Dr. Carlos Puig has worked as a forerunner in the FUE field for decades and remains a respected expert in the development of modern hair restoration solutions. In addition, our experience in the nuances of both male and female hair loss allows to expertly diagnose concerns and develop a restoration strategy that is unique for the needs of every patient.

To learn how we can help restore your hair and your confidence, schedule your consultation with Dr. Puig of PHRC today.


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