Top 3 Benefits of Healthy Eyebrows

Jan 19, 2015 | Blog, Eyebrow Transplant

[Posted on January 19th, 2015 by Dr. Carlos Puig]

For many people who are dealing with hair loss issues, finding methods for hair transplanting or replacing hair or follicles is important. After all, when it comes to an eyebrow transplant, eyebrows have purposes related to medical needs of humans. Understanding what purpose that eyebrow hair has can help you to make a better decision when choosing this method of male or female hair replacement.

1. Eyebrows Keep Sweat Out of Your Eyes

Having your eyebrows intact is an important biological function that involves protecting your eyes. When you sweat, the salty liquid typically comes down from around your hair line and onto your face. If you don’t have adequate eyebrow hair that is full and luscious, you are missing out on an important barrier against sweat. Your eyebrows act as a wick that absorbs sweat so to prevent it from dripping into your eyes, which would cause irritation and possible infection. Thanks to an eyebrow transplant you are helping your eyes stay clear and healthy.

2. Arched Eyebrows Also Remove Moisture

The interesting and attractive arch shape of well-manicured eyebrows actually serves a purpose. In addition to absorbing sweat beads, your arched eyebrows directs moisture to move to the sides of your face, rather than allowing it to go directly into your eyes. This also works when you are wet, such as when emerging from the shower or swimming pool, not just when you are sweating. Consider your eyebrows as umbrellas for your eyes. The idea here is that eyebrows have evolved over time to be very functional. Without our full and arched eyebrows, theorists suggest that we would have evolved with more pronounced foreheads, or even longer and thicker eyelashes. Imagine how we would look then!

3. Physical Prowess

Most individuals strive, by natural instinct, to look as good as possible for the opposite sex, in hopes to attract a healthy and beneficial mate. It’s the way of the wild, but it also affects our desire to have eyebrows that are thick and well-manicured. As eyebrows are part of our genetic disposition and they serve an important function as noted previously, healthy eyebrows are a sign of vitality and general health. This is key to be attractive, whether for a life partner or a potential boss and job opportunity. As such, an eyebrow transplant has quite the ability to transform your looks and life chances.


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