Top 4 Things to Know About Follicular Unit Extraction

Jan 5, 2015 | Blog, Follicular Unit Extraction

[Posted on January 5th, 2015 by Dr. Carlos Puig]

One of the ways that medical hair restoration can be achieved successfully is via the use of follicular unit extraction. This innovative technique for hair follicle removal allows us here at Puig Hair Restoration Center to reverse hair loss. If this method is new to you, then consider these main points of focus regarding extracting hair follicles for restoring hair growth.

1. What Exactly Does Follicular Unit Extraction Mean?

The first question our patients always ask is, “What exactly is this process?” Also referred to as FUE, this process is one of the main ways that follicular groups consisting of up to four hairs are taken for transplanting hair. When taken individually with FUE, this advanced extraction process provides our staff with the ability to harvest hair follicles from all parts of the body. Whether you are interested in hair transplantation in the beard, face, head, chest, arms, legs or abdomen, this extraction process is the most effective route to take.

2. Is There a Linear or Curved Extraction Path?

Another of the benefits of this type of hair extraction is that the harvesting is taken in a curved path on the body. This allows us to remove far more follicle units in comparison to traditional methods that involve linear extraction. Also, with linear extraction you could be left with a noticeable scar, while curved extraction is not going to have this type of visible scarring. As each follicle is removed individually, the follicle holes have a better chance of faster healing. If you are interested in making the extraction process less noticeable after your restoration experience, then opt for the extraction method that utilizes curved extraction—FUE.

3. What is the Popularity of this Method?

Follicular unit extraction has become increasingly popular among our patients. One reason for this is that this method involves a far less invasive process in comparison to past methods for hair transplantation. Furthermore, patients may experience a faster healing process with this type of follicle extraction, which allows them to return to their normal lives much more rapidly.

4. Does This Process Really Work to Restore Hair Follicles?

Since your hair follicles contain your DNA, yes, this process of extraction does work successfully. This is because we are using your own cell-covered follicle units to help establish new growth. By using your existing, actively growing hair follicles to replace those you have lost, your natural hair will grow in the place of stunted or deadened hair follicles.


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