A Trip to China: Talking Hair Restoration in Beijing

Jun 21, 2018 | Blog, Hair Transplant Studies, PHRC News

Hair Restoration surgery is making vast advances in the medical field all around the world. Every year, new discoveries are made that aid in the advancement of hair restoration treatment in exciting ways. Often, due to constant research findings and growing interest in advancing the treatment, conferences are held regarding hair restoration in which doctors exchange their discoveries and information on the practice of hair restoration surgery. 

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It is a noteworthy honor for any doctor in the hair restoration field to be chosen to speak at one of these conferences and Houston’s own Dr.Puig was selected to attend one as a speaker. The AAHRS (Asian Association of Hair Restoration Surgery) and CAHRS (Chinese Association of Hair Restoration Surgery) held their Annual Scientific Meeting and Live Surgery Workshop in May of this year located in Beijing, China.

For those who are unsure of what the AAHRS is, it is a non-profit organization consisting of hair restoration doctors who practice for Asian patients. The goal of the organization is to advance the practice of hair restoration by qualified physicians. Every so often the organization will hold a conference in which they gather doctors from all over the world to discuss the advances and discoveries in hair restoration surgery.

The Complete Package: A Tour and A Hair Restoration Conference

Because of how early Dr.Puig arrived, the trip involved a few days of sightseeing the beautiful city of Beijing via tour guide. In the midst of these designated tour days, Dr.Puig was able to tour the medical facilities of China and observe their incredible efficiency. All of the medical institutions visited were state-run institutions and all private hospitals visited dealt with cosmetic surgeries. Not only are the medical institutions of China very efficient, but they are completely updated to western standards and ever-evolving.   

AAHRS Hair Restoration Houston Dr. Puig AAHRS CAHRS Hair Restoration Houston

The conference itself began on May 8th and lasted until the 12th giving doctors and physicians four days worth of information and insight to discuss and learn about. During the course of the conference, Dr.Puig gave three speeches, moderated the female hair loss panel, gave a solution regarding holding solutions, sat on discussion panels about complicated cases, and even offered treatment plans. Dr.Puig’s speeches consisted of a 15-minute talk on the future of hair restoration surgery, another talk on Female hair loss and its diagnosis and treatment, then gave a speech on a discussion panel focused on complicated cases and their treatment plans.


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Hair restoration surgery is an ever-evolving, world-wide spreading solution that has the potential to become the go-to treatment for more medical problems than loss of it on the scalp. Imagine having hair stem cells injected into the cardiac muscle to replace scars that are left over from heart attacks? Or tissue cultured in the peripheral nerve so if someone has a peripheral nerve injury, they can tissue culture a nerve to graft into another nerve so his hand works again? Or being able to implant stem cells into the brain after a stroke in order to rehab the brain? These predictions and many more were mentioned over the course of the conference. Needless to say, a lot was talked about over the course of the conference and its takeaway was reinstated within every speech; Hair restoration is a prominent feature amongst the most promising medical solutions of today.

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