Unknown History About Hair Loss

Dec 22, 2015 | Blog, Men's Hair Loss

Back in the fifteenth and sixteenth century there was a famous actor who was playing the lead in almost every play that was performed on the stages of London. He was truly the master of his craft and if he were acting today he would be considered for academy awards every year. He was loved by more than the theater community, he was also so handsome that the woman throughout the land were all longing to be with him.

He had the world at his feet and then it went to his head

As he started to get older he noticed that his forehead was getting larger and larger. It wasn’t that his forehead was growing it was his hairline was receding. Suddenly he began to feel very self-conscious that his good looks were leaving as his hair was thinning. He stopped auditioning for major roles, and started to stay home and began writing plays instead of performing in them. The more he wrote the less he wanted to be on stage and the more he looked in the mirror at his giant forehead the more he felt compelled to write.

His hair loss was the major motivation for a historical legend…

We all know this man’s body of work, but what we didn’t know was William Shakespeare is not only the most legendary playwright in history, but his hairline was even named after him. A Shakespearian hairline is a person who recedes back to the middle of his scalp or more, but maintains the hair in his crown. And according to legend, had he not lost his hair he probably would have remained an actor and never written the masterpieces that have withstood the test of time.

Fact or Fiction, if you relate to this story then it is true for you

This is Dr. Carlos Puig, and although this story makes sense to me and many of my patients, I made it up after hearing the stories of many of my patients and how their hair loss had affected their jobs, marriage and even parenting. The good news is because of their ability to reverse their hair loss with a hair restoration procedure(s), they were able to continue to go back to what had made them successful in the first place with added confidence and focus. As I say to my patients, “If your hair loss is on your mind it is because it is not on your head”. Losing your hair in many men and women becomes an obsession that does not allow you to concentrate clearly on many of the important aspects of your profession and your relationship with your loved ones. If Shakespeare were alive today he would definitely be a patient of mine and would be winning Academy Awards for his acting, not his writing… but that is a different story. There are many more hair loss history stories I will share with you in my blogs, and I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoy creating them.


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