Unknown History of Hair Loss #3: “THE SAMPSON SYNDROME”

May 24, 2016 | Blog, Men's Hair Loss

Almost everyone knows the Biblical tale of Sampson and his hair. As a matter of fact, Sampson could be the reason why so many men seem to suffer from Hair Loss. Well in case you have not stayed up to date on your Bible stories, or if you have never heard of Sampson, I’ll provide you with a brief synopsis of Sampson and his hair – or lack thereof.

Hair all over his pillow, sound familiar?

So Sampson woke up and saw hair all over his pillow.  He reached up, touched his head and realized he was bald. He had told his lover Delilah that his strength was in his hair, because that was what God had told him. While he was napping Delilah gave him a trim that left him hairless. His posture slumped, and he felt all of his strength was gone…but was it really?

When he lost his hair he lost his strength – or so he believed!

Well according to the Bible he was taken prisoner and put into the dungeon in the King’s castle, where they proceeded to blind him as well.  Now comes the big question: was his strength really gone or did he just believe it was gone because his faith in God was so strong? Well he probably still had his strength but his confidence was shattered. The woman he cared about took his one secret and betrayed him.  Sampson was devastated, and I can relate because I know when I was losing my hair I felt I looked like a goof.  Baldness and thinning hair was just not the way I wanted to see myself. And if your hair is thinning or you’re bald, I’m sure you’ve thought about Sampson many times; I know I did.

Mirrors become enemies, and you really think you have no control!  I’d walk past mirrors and realize that I did not look like me anymore.  Not only did I not look right, but I felt myself getting depressed because I wanted to stop my growing forehead, but I really had no control over the hand Mother Nature was dealing  me. I had fallen victim to the dreaded


I just couldn’t accept this new me that I was locked into, but then I found a way out.  I found Physicians Hair Restoration Center.  For years they have been achieving outstanding results for their clients, and they can do the same for you.   If you’re suffering from the Sampson Syndrome or you just hate losing your hair, make a real difference in your life, not just the way you look, but the way you feel about yourself. Be like Sampson and grow your hair back and renew your strength, confidence and self-esteem.  Just call Physicians Hair Restoration Center …You have nothing to lose, and think about all you can gain.


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