What You Need To Know About Follicular Unit Extraction

Sep 7, 2014 | Blog, Follicular Unit Extraction

[Posted on September 7th, 2014 by Dr. Carlos Puig]

Follicular unit extraction, commonly referred to as FUE, is a popular method for hair restoration. It provides you with all of your natural hair by finding a donor spot elsewhere on your scalp that still has a desirable volume of hair. Through the use of grafting, the hair is then removed in one area and transplanted to another area. As a result, you are able to begin growing natural hair once again that will improve your look.

When you seek hair restoration in Houston, is important to know about all of your options. Follicular unit extraction is one of the more popular methods, but there are others. Depending upon the look that you are trying to achieve, it may be the best one for you – especially if you don’t want to deal with a large scar. Talking to a specialist can ensure that you are well educated about the different options.

In terms of a hair transplant, the FUE has a lot of advantages. There is no linear scar involved with this method, and this is one of the main reasons that people choose it when trying to achieve natural hair once again. If you have a tight scalp, either naturally or because of strip harvesting, it may be a method that will make it easier to obtain the necessary grafts.

When you talk to a specialist about follicular unit extraction, you also want to learn about the risks. Because it is a surgical procedure, there is always the risk for bleeding as well as infection. There may also be risks of scarring as well as unnatural looking hair growth. These are issues that you will want to discuss with the specialist so that you can find out how common they are and what the specialist will do to prevent them.

In the end, when you are looking to improve your image as a result of hair loss, a transplant, and in particular a follicular unit extraction, is a very popular method. It is not covered by insurance, but when you find the right center, it can be an affordable procedure that will provide you with desirable results featuring natural hair that you can wash, cut, and style as you wish.


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