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Dec 22, 2011 | Blog, Women's Hair Loss

Though it is contrary to the common beliefs about the problem, hair loss in women is very common and isn’t exclusively an issue that men must deal with. For many reasons, hair loss is even more embarrassing for women. Not only is the problem more often associated with men but the treatments that have been available for women haven’t always been very effective.

This has changed in recent years thanks to the work done by the leading minds in the field of hair restoration who specifically addressed the problem of female hair replacement. Leading the way has been the Physician’s Hair Restoration Center in Houston. The PHRC hosted an international conference on female hair replacement which contributed to improvements being made directly to this type of hair restoration.

Hair loss in most men is a hereditary problem and so the general approach to treatment is similar. With women, however, the causes vary much more and female hair replacement must reflect that. This is something that the head surgeon at the PHRC, Dr. Carlos Puig, understands. He’s worked in the field of medical hair restoration for decades and has the experience necessary to both determine the most appropriate treatment and as well as carry out the procedure with the highest degree of precision. This is the expertise that you should expect when receiving this kind of treatment and why tens of thousands of patients have left the PHRC satisfied with the results. To learn more about female hair replacement, schedule a consultation at the PHRC.


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