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Our skilled physicians use cutting-edge scientific testing to uncover the root cause of your hair loss.
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Hair Transplant and Hair
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At some clinics, technicians conduct hair transplant surgery. At PHRC, only licensed physicians perform surgery. We’ve conducted studies to evaluate effectiveness before we perform any solution.

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Meet Houston’s Hair Transplant
Specialist, Dr. Carlos Puig.
  • Golden Follicle Award Winner for a lifetime of professional
  • Founding member of the International Society of Hair
    Restoration Surgery (ISHRS)
  • Fellow of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery
  • Former president of the American Board of Hair Restoration
  • Served as chair of the Core Curriculum  Committee
  • Served as chair of the ISHRS Fellowship Training Committee
  • Former chair of the Surgery Task Force for Physician
    Assistant Education

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Hair Restoration Patient Reviews


“The staff and the doctor were very friendly and knowledgeable. They answered every question I had and provided me with a lot of different options. They took my hand and guided me through the whole process. The work they did on me was great and the price was very reasonable. I’ve had two procedures done with them, and I’m about to get my third.

I would recommend Dr. Puig to anybody that needs “a little hair on top”(lol). Give them a call, you wont be disappointed.”


04/04/2015 , TX


“Dr. Puig is a knowledgeable and human professional rare to find in this country where the medicine has become a regular profit business in the market. He speaks with the truth, and his recommendations are base in the best interest of the patient. He is the type of doctor that cares for the well being of his patients and do not try to make money with then.

I have being patient of doctor Puig for more than 6 years and I am grateful to recommend him to all my friends and acquaintances. Also I am glad to have this opportunity to right in the media about his professionalism and humanity, specially in the cosmetic field where doctors should keep their Hippocratic oath most of them forget about it.”




“Stellar experience!!! I completed a FUT for 2,000 grafts here during a one-day procedure and honestly I think the experience was just superb. I felt no pain, was super relaxed and watched movies through the whole thing, aswell as being kept company by a staff of great and friendly people. Prior to the surgery, I was carefully informed about everything about the procedure and even learned a lot about the scientific research side of hair loss from a very well informed and knowledgeable Doctor. They really covered all their bases.”

Eric W.

04/22/2016 , Lund


“While I was undergoing the procedure, I was able to speak in depth with Dr. Puig about more specifics. He is very knowledgeable and experienced, with a great sense of humor.

I am only 5 days out and I’m looking forward about going back to see everyone at Physicians’ Hair Restoration Center in order to remove my stitches (I had the FUT procedure done). Healing and care has been easy and definitely manageable, more so than expected.

If anything, stop by for a consultation. Dr. Puig is honest and upfront. He is a leader in the field of Hair Restoration and has decades of experience under his belt. He and his exceptional team are definitely worth it!”


01/02/2019 , TX

Salvage Your Hair Now
Before It’s Too Late

Preventative Hair Loss


 Laser Therapy

Hair Transplant For Men

Hair loss is a relatively common occurrence in men that is sometimes a result of testosterone levels.  But it can also be caused by other factors.  Our scientific testing gets to the root cause so we can bring back your youthful, natural hair growth.

The sensitivity shortens the active hair growth phase in the hair cycle. Eventually, the follicles fail to grow at all, leading to permanent hair loss. The onset of male pattern hair loss typically accompanies puberty, but the rate of loss is different in each man. Due to the fact that an area does not look thin or bald until at least 50% of the original hair density has been lost, the onset appears to occur at different ages.

Hair Transplant For women

Women can feel uncertain on how to treat a hair loss condition that is not as common among females.  We treat women of all ages at Physician’s Hair Restoration Center.  Our scientific testing gets to the root cause so women can feel confident in their appearance again.

Women with female pattern hair loss rarely notice the issue prior to the age of 50, never go completely bald and never lose their hair lines.

There are many other reasons why women experience hair loss, and approximately 60% of women with hair loss have a non-genetic medical cause. The correct diagnosis is critical to successful treatment, no matter what the cause of hair loss in women.